Good Friday picnic at Cremorne Reserve

I recently wrote a post about Cremorne Reserve as my favourite place.

I went there on Good Friday to join a picnic to celebrate friend’s big year birthday.

It was really nice day.  Sydney got summer back on all weekend.  The picnic size were just right for six adults and one girl, and one six months baby.  We made a great catchups with good laugh.

Here I would like to post some photos of the scenes I captured..

It was summery Good Friday at Cremorne Reserve.
Sneak shot of family of my friends.
My favourite family snap of them.
Party boat played loud music, which was big enough to annoy us a bit on the reserve point.
Captured one out of the two cruise ships anchored was on departure.
Sydney ferry got a lot of passengers at Cremorne Wharf and got to return to Circular Quay.

Thank you for stopping by.


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