Weekly Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

There are several spots I call them ‘my favorite place‘, but Cremorne Point Reserve, Sydney, will be one of the top of them.

I go to the place at sunrise and sunset, in the morning and afternoon.  I see Sydney city straight from the point and I have seen them so many times, but I have never got bored as they are showing me different gorgeousness each time I see.

The Reserve has walking path which enables you to enjoy views both on Sydney city side and on inlet of north shore.  It is also great to switch on/off my head.

Sun came up over Robertsons Pt Light.
Sydney city taking early morning sunlight.
A Sydney ferry approaching to Cremorne Point Wharf.
Sydney city at sunset.  It is when city gets turning to goth mode.
Bottom of Robertsons Pt Light is popular point for early morning fishermen and seagulls.
The opposite side of city view.  It is quiet and is hidden goodness.

Thank you for stopping by.


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