Everyday is just sequence of miracles

We leave Bleu and Shiraz ‘home’ while we are at work.  The home is a unit in Sydney suburb and we have been at the place over ten years.  The unit is very old and  the all appliances installed in the unit is old as vintage like museum grade, but because it is at great location, it has drench of natural light coming in, and the price, which is reasonable for the size, I did not try to move to other place.

Anyway, recently apartment building where my friend lives got a fire almost in midnight.  Luckily she carried her boy cat and evacuated fast so they were safe.  Also the origin of the fire was on an opposite side to her unit in the building, so she was exempted the damage to her goods in the house.  I was so relieved to hear that she and her fella managed to evacuate and stayed safe, but the news made me really scared at and quickly start simulating if it happened to us at the premises here.  Then,

But what happens if something wrong took place in the premises while we are out?


It had been an ordinary routine to give them mum kiss and closed the door heading to work.  In the evening I was home and opened the door, then they dashed to me or awaited at the behind the door to welcome me home.  That’s our everyday more or less, I thought, but I was wrong.

I was wrong because this routine was just happening  by a sequence of small miracles and will never be of guarantee life to continue.

There is no solid conclusion we reached after the talk as to what to do for the real emergency (without us), but the fire incident at my friend have me thought and  appreciate the fact that we have been safe and having quality life with Bleu and Shiraz everyday.  I am not devotee individual but still think is worth to thanks to something beyond that lets me go on.

Bleu, Shiraz, I love you xx

Bleu:  Mum, let me taste what you have on your hand!
Shiraz:  Mummy, you can sleep in my bed tonight.

Thank you for stopping by.


5 thoughts on “Everyday is just sequence of miracles

    1. Yes life is always carrying on with some risk to take, isnt it. 😉 I believe though that your indoor forces and my cats are both are fortune with them, and they will not need to face those emergency accidents in the end. 🙂


  1. Not sure how they do things there, but here, you can put a notice on the outside of the house or apartment notifying fire department personnel that there are pets in the house.

    Additionally, if you have a good relationship with your neighbors and trust them, you can give them a key or a way to access the property in case of an emergency.

    On the other hand, a properly maintained house or apartment is not prone to fires (unless hit by lightning or some other extraordinary event takes place).

    Fires are usually caused either by negligence or intentionally.

    Beautiful cats, especially Shiraz (no offense, Bleu . . . it’s a close call and it could go either way).

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    1. Thank you for tips Emilio, I told Bleu and Shiraz about your feedback 😆 All my guests expresses same reaction with you, but you would love Bleu further if you met as he is funny guy.


    2. …as for the fires and back up plan for emergency, i agree that fire tends to happen by negligence and luckily our unit neighbors are good (and less moving of them) so we mutually give a neighbor watch to care each other. It should be actually a good idea to consider if we can hand a spare key to someone trusted for emergency. 🙂


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