My first New Zealand 8: Lake Matheson

On the last day at Glacier, we went to Lake Matheson in the morning.  It was fresh and beautiful day.

Lake Matheson seems be famous for a clear water which makes a perfect reflection of the mountain view.  All nature at the lake was in total calmness, and the area had exuberant water which created lots of little flows.

Here are the photographs I took while walking the trekking path along the lake.  It was really a nice walk and I was lucky to see these beautiful views before leaving Fox Glacier.


Share house


New lives new babies 


I found it interesting as it made me imagine a shape of a head of something…


These tiny lives lives ..lives!  💛
Mt Cook and Mt Tasman were mirrored on the lake.


I know I posted just mountains, which looked just repeating and reposting, but I assume you figured out that how I was fascinated by the view of Aoraki / Mt Cook and Mt Tasman.

Thank you for stopping by.


One thought on “My first New Zealand 8: Lake Matheson

  1. Oh, you had a perfect day to see the relection Makiko. I love the masses of tiny plants growing on the tree trunks. It can only happen where there is a huge yearly rainfall, I think.


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