Last full moon of 2017

I should not be the only one who is fascinated by full moon every month.  Yes, I am one of them for sure.

However, I missed watching full moon two months in a row since October.  And I was about to miss it again last night for the last full moon of the year because I was a little tired and fell in asleep after my guest went home.

Miracle happened to me at that time.

I woke up around 2am due to the bright (but gentle :-)) lights shed through my bedroom blind.  It was really bright in the darkness and I felt like the moon woke me up before she dips herself in the light of another day to begin.  I managed to photograph her as below.

This photo is far to great as I did not use tripod in photographing and I did not get camera setting done well either.

But I am still happy with the picture.

I am still happy because I retained a certain private time to greet and talk to her while the world was quiet as sleeping.

I hope she lit all of us across the globe with her grace yet powerful light last night. 🙂


Thank you for stopping by.


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