The night of last Blue Moon full moon in 2018

This is nothing new but is subsequent post of another images of full moon, which I had first posted with a monochrome image. . Like every month do, it fascinated me again.  Sydney sky was perfect for seeing full moon and it made me calm and peaceful in bathing her bright yet gentle light. I hope theseContinue reading “The night of last Blue Moon full moon in 2018”

Full moon appearing behind Opera House

This is photographed in the evening of second full moon in March. Roughly 20~25 minutes after the moon rise, top of Opera House roof appeared to be softly bright, then finally the full moon rose behind the roof. Someone told me that this was the last blue moon in 2018.  I did not know butContinue reading “Full moon appearing behind Opera House”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

Urban sunset. I want to see sun rise/set at somewhere open space, but that is made possible mostly  when you ‘plan’ to do, a kind of.  Or you will have to satisfy yourself to view them in a limited sky or space framed by buildings and architectures.  You may be blocked by something moving objects.Continue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set”

Sydney Harbour Bridge shone by sinking the sun.

I know that I did not take enough photography time recently.  It was happening by my mood driven by attention that I had to pay / set my focus on my recent day to day life. Anyway, yesterday I did not have any due in the evening, I dashed out of office after-work and headedContinue reading “Sydney Harbour Bridge shone by sinking the sun.”

Boats and swans in array

This photo was taken a year ago at a park nearby where my parents live in Japan. It was rather a bit early in the morning and was before that the boating services was opened.  I liked how the boats and swans that were on the pond in array, because they looked like waiting for theContinue reading “Boats and swans in array”

Meet the art in a hidden spot

This was taken last year near at Flat Rock Creek. This small underpass which crosses beneath a busy local roadway was painted with Australian indigenous style art. This is my submission for this week’s Monochrome Madness by Leanne Cole. She gives participants a theme / challenge of the month and entries are posted on theContinue reading “Meet the art in a hidden spot”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

This is my submission for this week’s Challenge; Variations on a Theme. Collection of three bridges in Sydney and suburb. ANZAC Bridge is wired-stayed bridge and Long Gully Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge are suspension type.  The architectural approaches reflected the year of their open are different hence I found it interesting in seeing andContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme”

Murals in Sydney city

One of my submission to WPC last week  was the photo of a weathered mural I had captured in Sydney city while ago. I had mentioned in my earlier blog, but Sydney and suburbs have been running many demolitions and reconstructions.  It brings more blank spaces after the destruction of old buildings. Those blank spacesContinue reading “Murals in Sydney city”

A view of Sydney city and suburbs

This was taken in the morning sometime ago.  It was morning and beginning of they day of beautiful Sunday. Sky was clear and no clouds.  This photo was quite straightforward and no particular source of which makes the image more dramatic.  But I think I well caught the view of Sydney that made me happyContinue reading “A view of Sydney city and suburbs”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered

When I found the theme for this week, I recalled some images on my head and went to pick up some photos out of my stocks. Then, I started puzzling in looking at the photos as to which one it will be the best to respond the theme, and further I made myself confused aContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered”