My first pastel workshop in Japan

So this is one reasons why I kind of gave up carrying my DSLR and tripod with me.  🙂 One of my plans to accomplish during this trip was to do a pastel workshop for whose who had expressed interests to me since last year. Due to the pastel drawing needs a suite of toolsContinue reading “My first pastel workshop in Japan”

Good bye 2017

This day has come.  2017 is coming to closing. 2017 brought me various endings and beginnings, something old walked away and something new came into my life. Early the year, I have lost my father, and a few people got out of my life as well.  It was a little tough period in the yearContinue reading “Good bye 2017”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

I think every lives on the earth are to be transformed.  Even minerals and gems will  transformed themselves during thousand of years. We transform too, of course.  We transform not only on the physical level but happen on the our mind and souls level too. But I have no idea how to express it viaContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation”