My first New Zealand 7: Afternoon snapshots at Fox Glacier

After we got back from the glacier tour, there was a little spare time until dinner so I grabbed my camera and got out of the room to capture the area in the afternoon. Sun was sinking to the west end which the light and clouds created lovely mood and tone all over the area. Continue reading “My first New Zealand 7: Afternoon snapshots at Fox Glacier”

Touched down on NZ

I am writing this in Christchurch. I finally made it to be in NZ! It’s already past midnight and I am a little tired but I am awaken as thrilled. This holiday was planned to happen months earlier but postponed to now due to some reasons. This photo was taken over Tasman Sea. It wasContinue reading “Touched down on NZ”

Sunset from yesterday

This is the sunset I managed to capture yesterday. Every sunset is different and moving, and I miss most of sunsets of the week. Every sunset brings me smile on the face and every sunset makes me cry. I will look forward what story I will see next at the end of the day.  🙂Continue reading “Sunset from yesterday”

Sydney Harbor at sunset – 夕暮れ時のシドニーハーバー

I would like to share some photos I photographed Sydney Harbor from Bradleys Head. My photography often choose the position I stand against the sun light and this time was also like that.  Object turns to black silhouette due to sunlight but I still like capturing the lights and objects, some of which catch slightContinue reading “Sydney Harbor at sunset – 夕暮れ時のシドニーハーバー”