The grid of the day ~ 今週のグリッド ~

… formed up by crystals and fossils randomly picked up. They were sitting by the east facing window taking morning light. 深く考えずにぱぱっと選んでできた、今週のグリッド。東側の窓辺で朝日を浴びています。 Thank you for stopping by.

A piece of work of the day 28

An another abstract work.. This was where I came from. This was where we all came from. This is where I am back when death comes to me. This is where we are all back when death come to us. So let’s not worry about our life, but just listen and follow your gut whatContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 28”


Portrait of KOMAINU guard dog

These are a pair of Komainu (the mythical) guard dogs (or lion-dog) watching Itsukushima Shrine, as I snapped over a year ago. Every shrines in Japan have the pair of watch dogs, each of which is having different outlook.  Generally they sit at the main gate of the shrine but this pair in Itsukushima sitsContinue reading “Portrait of KOMAINU guard dog”