End of blue hour

This photograph was one of the earliest shots I released at sunrise photography on Sunday, while the previous photo was taken end of photography time. I saw twilight along horizon and I was thrilled.  Dawn till sunrise is always special for me as it ensures me feel new energy of ‘beginning’, which makes me easyContinue reading “End of blue hour”

My first New Zealand 12 (final): Lake Wakatipu ~ Queenstown~

So after a couple of days basking time at Kingston, we moved to Queenstown.  We did some touristry things but my camera left only photos of Lake Wakatipu in memory card. 12 days intense itinerary struck me, healed me, and brought me full of joy. I would like to be back again.  I hope myContinue reading “My first New Zealand 12 (final): Lake Wakatipu ~ Queenstown~”