The grid of the day ~ 雨を意図して ~

With my sincerest wish of rainfalls on us. Currently Australia, particularly NSW state in where Sydney locate, have been suffering from drought and number of places have been burned down by bush fires. I naturally and spontaneously picked up blue-based, but also some reminded me of our Mother Earth. I have something to ‘talk’ aboutContinue reading “The grid of the day ~ 雨を意図して ~”

Slippery: Sleek red linoleum floor

So I have been off the blogging for two weeks. Thank you very much those who had checked my pages and left comments, I am sorry for not responding.  I came to untouched WordPress until now. Anyway, my first post after some hibernation begins with the contribution to RAGTAG DAILY PROMPT: SLIPPERY. Thank you forContinue reading “Slippery: Sleek red linoleum floor”