A piece of work of the day 31

Belated post for Christmas as it’s gone for the year, but I would still like to express my sincere thanks to all of your support and connections you have been with me on here. Wish you all have a safe and pleasant holiday. Here is my recent work for Seasonal greeting cards. Christmas flower isContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 31”


Sydney icons on the window

One of whats most fun part photographing city area is to see a lot of reflections. This photo was taken from the side of a building in city.  Actually, this building is my favourite for photography purpose and I had taken a couple of shots of Queen Victoria Building and / or Sydney Centre PointContinue reading “Sydney icons on the window”

Into the pipe

That day, number of surfers paddled and caught the waves in the way they did. It was incredibly crisp and bright early summer day. [Edit: 18-Oct-2018] This post had been published earlier than the theme of RDP Wednesday – SPORT but I decided to contribute my photos.. Thank you for stopping by.

Slippery: Sleek red linoleum floor

So I have been off the blogging for two weeks. Thank you very much those who had checked my pages and left comments, I am sorry for not responding.  I came to untouched WordPress until now. Anyway, my first post after some hibernation begins with the contribution to RAGTAG DAILY PROMPT: SLIPPERY. Thank you forContinue reading “Slippery: Sleek red linoleum floor”

A form of completed jigsaw puzzle in CBD

This take-and-go shot was made in Sydney CBD when I was walking there at lunch.  I thought it was quite beautiful that reflected architectures fit well in the surface of the building frame on this angle. I like this building to check what’s displayed on or how the displays look like at the time (becauseContinue reading “A form of completed jigsaw puzzle in CBD”