Happy 13th Birthday Bleu

Note: I would have pressed Publish button but I just found I didn’t, so this subject is half day old… Mummy is proud that you got over eczema, which you suffered from food allergy for long time.  Stay healthy and stay wild.  🙂 Let’s live well! Thank you for stopping by.


Are you a good photographer?

….That’s what I thought the seagull was asking me. This was a lucky shot as it just turned to me when I trained my camera on it. …Thank you for turning to my camera frame.  I am not a good photographer I am afraid, but If you happened to have a chance to see thisContinue reading “Are you a good photographer?”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile

Easter Bunny chocolate brought her smile to the face. Her angelic smile brought us smile to the face. We all smiled at in the afternoon of long weekend. This is my submission to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge. Thank you for stopping by.