Waterfall at Milford

When the cruise boat I was aboard approached to the biggest waterfall at there, I was quite excited and clicked shutters many times, as I remember. The flow of exuberant amount of water produced beautiful lines leading down to the bottom. I was just keen to capture them while releasing shutters. I made one ofContinue reading “Waterfall at Milford”

Coastal blue

I would like to share a couple of images I photographed a couple of months ago.  At that day I had an early appointment near Bondi first in the morning.  I could have left the area after the appointment but I checked my time and found that I could squash short photography time before gettingContinue reading “Coastal blue”

Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

I’d rather be inspired by you. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second.., you create amazing art of nature. I always wish if I could capture what you produce with my camera, even just a bit of them . And it is really big challenge which has no goal to achieve. But I canContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…”

My first New Zealand 11: Lake Wakatipu ~ Kingston~

Here are photographs of Kingston I took at, where it is at the opposite side from Queenstown over Lake Wakatipu. Kingston was relaxed and quiet town, where a post office / cafe, a news agency, and Kingston Golf Club support community. In stead, this beautiful Lake Wakatipu is with them.  The water is literary icyContinue reading “My first New Zealand 11: Lake Wakatipu ~ Kingston~”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of This World

This photo is actually a repost of that I had introduced on my earlier blog. I was walking at a lake in NZ last month, which gave me a great opportunity to touch a part of grand eco-system of nature at the site.  I was struck and was reminded while walking that how beautiful eachContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Out of This World”

My first New Zealand 9: Down to Wanaka

So after Lake Matheson trekking, we drove to next destination named Wanaka.  It was long drive, took us roughly six hours to get there.  Well, long drive let me gave me more chances to see more dazzling sceneries. Along Haast River streaming through on the border of West Coast and Otago division have number ofContinue reading “My first New Zealand 9: Down to Wanaka”

My first New Zealand 8: Lake Matheson

On the last day at Glacier, we went to Lake Matheson in the morning.  It was fresh and beautiful day. Lake Matheson seems be famous for a clear water which makes a perfect reflection of the mountain view.  All nature at the lake was in total calmness, and the area had exuberant water which createdContinue reading “My first New Zealand 8: Lake Matheson”

My first New Zealand 6: Landing on glacier

This was the highlight to do on Fox Glacier; to trek on glacier. It was spectacular view which was beyond my expectation.  Nature always stops me from intaking of breath (regardless where I am/was), yes I was made speechless. Anyway, it will be great if you enjoyed some photos here…   Thank you for stoppingContinue reading “My first New Zealand 6: Landing on glacier”

My first New Zealand 4 : Views from TranzAlpine Railway

At Christchurch, we took a scenic rail named TranzAlpine Railway.  Our destination was Greymouth, the last stop locating on the west coast of South Island.  The 4 hours train ride was fantastic, just full of spectacular views come and go. I missed some big moments to be honest, but it didn’t make you feel soContinue reading “My first New Zealand 4 : Views from TranzAlpine Railway”

Touched down on NZ

I am writing this in Christchurch. I finally made it to be in NZ! It’s already past midnight and I am a little tired but I am awaken as thrilled. This holiday was planned to happen months earlier but postponed to now due to some reasons. This photo was taken over Tasman Sea. It wasContinue reading “Touched down on NZ”