A Message from A Late Bloomer

Hello, beautiful souls! When I was at a lane behind my house and was about to take my first step to walk, a late bloomer of Jacaranda shed right in front me. Jacaranda get their peak time full of violet flowers around October and November. The fallen flower paused me, developing my imagination. When itContinue reading “A Message from A Late Bloomer”


The grid of the day ~ 雨を意図して ~

With my sincerest wish of rainfalls on us. Currently Australia, particularly NSW state in where Sydney locate, have been suffering from drought and number of places have been burned down by bush fires. I naturally and spontaneously picked up blue-based, but also some reminded me of our Mother Earth. I have something to ‘talk’ aboutContinue reading “The grid of the day ~ 雨を意図して ~”

Slide show of paint arts

…made by nature, drawn over the vast canvas. As it was an early morning, it made me feel i obsessed all these amazing artworks. – Sunrise, sunset 日の出の空。 まだ世の中は静かで、広大なキャンバスに展開されるアートを独り占めしている気分。 壮大で言葉も無く唯々見上げる。 Thank you for stopping by.

More Arizona beauty

A few more aerial views of West land of US, which I’d repeat to say, kept my face literally glued on the aircraft window. I was completely knocked down by the massive beauty and the art made by nature. Thank you for stopping by.  


I met this chunk before Christmas last year, shortly after I drew this. It is just as good to hold in my hand and it chuckles me my guts.  I can not explain well but this is how I feel.  It’s like this guy talks to my solar plexus. I feel a bit sorry forContinue reading “Pyrite”

Muttering at departure gate

It’s 8:25pm and final call for boarding will be called soon. It’s already long day today and I am going to take a 9 hours night flight for to be landed at my destination. See you Sydney in two weeks. I will miss you 🙂 Hello Japan, stay still and here I come. I willContinue reading “Muttering at departure gate”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening

I was watching how our world was awakening for an another yet the only day to start. This is my submission for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge:  Awakening . Thank you for stopping by.

Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

I’d rather be inspired by you. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second.., you create amazing art of nature. I always wish if I could capture what you produce with my camera, even just a bit of them . And it is really big challenge which has no goal to achieve. But I canContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…”

My first New Zealand 12 (final): Lake Wakatipu ~ Queenstown~

So after a couple of days basking time at Kingston, we moved to Queenstown.  We did some touristry things but my camera left only photos of Lake Wakatipu in memory card. 12 days intense itinerary struck me, healed me, and brought me full of joy. I would like to be back again.  I hope myContinue reading “My first New Zealand 12 (final): Lake Wakatipu ~ Queenstown~”

My first New Zealand 10: Milford Sound

Milford Sound was another highlight of the trip.  It was on my ‘To Go’ list for a long time so I was excited at the day has come for me. The way you explore or conquer the area should be done in various ways.  A tourist from US I met in Akaroa camped for threeContinue reading “My first New Zealand 10: Milford Sound”