This was photographed when I explored path in a park which I had seldom visited. The main part was made open for sports people that tennis courts and field were available to play. At that time there were people with their dogs unleashed while some others were playing football. I found some small boats includingContinue reading “Resting”


The doors

Another photograph here taken at the same lunch break as I took this. I do not know what drew my attention from the scene, probably I like the texture that I felt from the architecture and the doors.  The doors are underneath the mild steps connecting George street to Town Hall main entrance, yet itContinue reading “The doors”

Townhall in the morning

This was photographed sometime ago on one weekend morning. I like the ambient I felt there; quiet and surrounded in peace, which I would not see on weekday mornings. Morning light made it clock tower and other buildings behind it outstanding in the scene. QVB was against the light but still blurry shone by theContinue reading “Townhall in the morning”

Sunrise over the airport

It was a rare occasion to view sunrise over the rear wing of airplane. It was the beginning of an another long day to start,  but it was not that bad. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by.

A morning on the beach

Another photo taken at Manly beach. I like the way how a surfer came into the frame.  The guy nicely made himself in a silhouette due to the water with sunlight. This is my submission to this week’s Monochrome Madness by Leanne Cole. Monochrome Madness is the community she hosts for other photographers and audiences whoContinue reading “A morning on the beach”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

I had to get up very early this morning to get rid of something which I have been looking away for ages (it’s really hard for me to fight over procrastination). Once I opened blinds in the bedroom, I realised that the morning sky was beautiful so I dashed out to balcony and experimented toContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental”


It was when I went to Leura Cascade in Blue Mountain National Park with a friend in one winter morning. It was around 7 am when I got the point, and there are only a couple of people I saw in the area. It was cold, drizzling, and sight was lost because of thick fogContinue reading “Community”

A Prime seat at a beach – æˆ–るビーチに設えられた特等席

This photo was taken at a local beach in Sydney north shore in one early winter morning.  I was there aiming for photographing sunrise. This bench is popular among visitors but this morning was not as it was still very early in the morning. That morning was actually fantastic, not only because that I sawContinue reading “A Prime seat at a beach – æˆ–るビーチに設えられた特等席”

ブログを書くにあたって – Mixed language, mixed identity

Ok, so my first blog has been pushed.  I wrote it in Japanese as it is my native language.  But sometimes I feel English is easier or better to express what or how I have got in mind even my English is relatively poor particularly in vocabulary! I am in Australia over ten years andContinue reading “ブログを書くにあたって – Mixed language, mixed identity”