Boats and swans in array

This photo was taken a year ago at a park nearby where my parents live in Japan. It was rather a bit early in the morning and was before that the boating services was opened.  I liked how the boats and swans that were on the pond in array, because they looked like waiting for theContinue reading “Boats and swans in array”


Telephone in the booth

I photographed this telephone box at The Rocks, Sydney. The booth really fit in the scene, despite the red color which the booth was painted all over was quite bright.  It did not look being standing out either or conflict to its surroundings. I processed it into monochrome for my submission to this week’s ‘Monochrome Madness’Continue reading “Telephone in the booth”

Alpines loomed out

One of snapshots of landscapes I took from TranzAlpine train in NZ is made my favorite and I processed it in monochrome for my submission to this week’s ‘Monochrome Madness’ hosted by Leanne Cole. Monochrome Madness is the community she opens for other photographers and audiences who love monochrome / black and white photos.  HereContinue reading “Alpines loomed out”

Internal, external

This was taken last month on the same day at Chowder Bay. I processed this in monochrome in order to make the half-open window with a glimpse of outside outstanding in the photo.  First I thought I processed it too dark for my usual works, but then I thought that it ended up fair forContinue reading “Internal, external”

Hands of hope

I took some photographs of graffitis / murals in Christchurch, and this was one of them. This was my first visit to Christchurch but even I found that the level of damage of the quake it hit them in 2011 was left in city in in every aspect, and one of which was that thereContinue reading “Hands of hope”

Meet the art in a hidden spot

This was taken last year near at Flat Rock Creek. This small underpass which crosses beneath a busy local roadway was painted with Australian indigenous style art. This is my submission for this week’s Monochrome Madness by Leanne Cole. She gives participants a theme / challenge of the month and entries are posted on theContinue reading “Meet the art in a hidden spot”

A taxi stand on the bay

This jetty for the water taxi was taken at Chowder Bay, a small hidden beach beneath Georges Head I went up. I was there once in a while.  As the beach is not big in size and the location, which is hidden, I was a little surprised at seeing many people there at leisure. CertainlyContinue reading “A taxi stand on the bay”

Sydney in monochrome

This was taken at the same evening as those I had posted in here. This is my submission to this week’s Monochrome Madness hosted by Leanne Cole. Monochrome Madness is the community she opens for photographers and audiences who love monochrome / black and white photos.  Here gives me a great opportunity and challenges aboutContinue reading “Sydney in monochrome”

Dancing in the summer

I was photographing water flows at Maroubra beach, NSW, while I was waiting for a person to come. This beach is a rare spot to visit once in a while so it was a fun photography time for me. This shot was taken near Mahon pool, the rock pool located north side of Maroubra beach. Continue reading “Dancing in the summer”


It was when I went to Leura Cascade in Blue Mountain National Park with a friend in one winter morning. It was around 7 am when I got the point, and there are only a couple of people I saw in the area. It was cold, drizzling, and sight was lost because of thick fogContinue reading “Community”