Snapshots of my first full moon of 2018

I like watching and photographing full moon every month.  Full moon is beautiful but I like her especially when she appears.  However, I have been missing to photograph her this year.  I missed first full moon which was on 2nd of January.  At that time clouds built all of sudden in the evening and didContinue reading “Snapshots of my first full moon of 2018”

Sydney in monochrome

This was taken at the same evening as those I had posted in here. This is my submission to this week’s Monochrome Madness hosted by Leanne Cole. Monochrome Madness is the community she opens for photographers and audiences who love monochrome / black and white photos.  Here gives me a great opportunity and challenges aboutContinue reading “Sydney in monochrome”

Dancing in the summer

I was photographing water flows at Maroubra beach, NSW, while I was waiting for a person to come. This beach is a rare spot to visit once in a while so it was a fun photography time for me. This shot was taken near Mahon pool, the rock pool located north side of Maroubra beach. Continue reading “Dancing in the summer”

Short photography time at Bondi

These were taken on rock platforms laid along the path for Bondi Tamarama Coastal Walk (please refer to here for the coastal walk).  I had had an appointment in the morning at Bondi Junction and I extended to the beach after the appointment. I rarely visit this Sydney’s most famous beach, simply because it is aContinue reading “Short photography time at Bondi”


This is my entry for this week’s Monochrome Madness organized by Leanne Cole. This was taken in an early morning of one weekend.  I missed sunrise when I arrived at the spot, so I enjoyed long exposure photography in stead. It was a little too early to start getting crowd around the seaside, I thinkContinue reading “Whisperers”

Calmness: What Long Exposure magic brings on – 長時間露光がもたらす平穏

This was taken on one Saturday a couple of months ago.  I like the effect of what long exposure brings on, and I would like to improve my skills of long exposure because it makes photograph more dramatic. Anyway, what I would have intended to achieve in these photos were simply calmness and some sortContinue reading “Calmness: What Long Exposure magic brings on – 長時間露光がもたらす平穏”

Chilling at Freshwater beach – 或る休日のビーチショット

This Monday was Labor Day in NSW and planned to head up for sunrise photography and dip in the water. Well, sunrise was missed, but still had some good time for beach photography (and good coffee of course) so I would like to share some of them… 今週の月曜日はレイバー・ディ(日本語訳が難しいのでそのままで。。)でお休みだった為、朝から日の出をビーチへ直行するというプランを建てていました。 結局日の出には間に合わなかったものの(はい、意志薄弱です)、朝のビーチ写真を楽しみました。まだ人も少なくて、とても気持ち良かったです。その時撮ったものをシェアしたいと思います。