The grid of the day ~ 雨を意図して ~

With my sincerest wish of rainfalls on us. Currently Australia, particularly NSW state in where Sydney locate, have been suffering from drought and number of places have been burned down by bush fires. I naturally and spontaneously picked up blue-based, but also some reminded me of our Mother Earth. I have something to ‘talk’ aboutContinue reading “The grid of the day ~ 雨を意図して ~”

A piece of work of the day 29 ~ abstract drawings inspired by the grid ~

Oh again, I do not remember when I did this kind of drawing work last time. This went for a friend’s birthday. And the grid I introduced here drove me my drawing finger as it gets (yes, my pastel works are drawn by fingers most of part), actually it went OK to express my loveContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 29 ~ abstract drawings inspired by the grid ~”

The crystal grid of the period

This grid of rocks was placed in late October and left it unmoved until now. I like rocks and minerals to collect and I like playing with them too.  I like making spontaneous grid with the stones picked up randomly. This layout is one of them in which there are a couple of ‘unusuals’. UnusualContinue reading “The crystal grid of the period”

The grid of the day ~ 今週のグリッド ~

… formed up by crystals and fossils randomly picked up. They were sitting by the east facing window taking morning light. 深く考えずにぱぱっと選んでできた、今週のグリッド。東側の窓辺で朝日を浴びています。 Thank you for stopping by.