One Word Sunday: Purple

Pale Indigo?  Yes, this is pale in hue but is still purple to me.  😉 Jacaranda season is back in Sydney.  They turn Sydney and suburbs to beautiful purple, as if that’s their way to celebrate spring season grounded. Luckily, my bedroom is being a prime spot for appreciation, because there are three Jacaranda treesContinue reading “One Word Sunday: Purple”



The first bloom of the year.  This orchid soon will have got its second year at my place.  It carried along with a friend of mine last year who runs restaurant at a region of 3.5 hours away from Sydney and visited me for my birthday.  Glad it seems be happy to be at myContinue reading “Boo!”

Singing in the winter lights

They were all photographed at Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. Here we are still in winter, and at the day, the morning breeze was still cold. However, sunlight was bright and sky was clearer and bluer.  Flowers I trained lenses were rustling lightly, as if they were humming or singing in the sunshine. Thank you forContinue reading “Singing in the winter lights”


You are my companion today. It’s raining outside and I am sick and stay in the bed. You are my companion today. Thank you Jakaranda for coming another week full bloomed. You are my companion today. What shall we talk about by the window? Thank you for stopping by.