Full Moon of the month 1: January 2018

So last night was full moon night.  It seemed be the super moon also. I like watching full moon and it is almost my monthly ‘ritual’ to look up at her and photograph her, and watch her adorably. Anyway, from the evening of 1st and 2nd were full moon period.  I haven’t captured full moonContinue reading “Full Moon of the month 1: January 2018”

A piece of work of the day 10

I have had a second workshop of the year last night. Wow, my creative side is getting more active at the time of 2017 is coming to end!  I found this great as it is being a good warm-up for making my 2018 art projects run with fair start.  next year. I feel that IContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 10”

Wing of ANZAC Bridge loomed out

Sydney has two iconic bridges connecting CBD with suburbs.  One is famous Harbour Bridge and the other is ANZAC Bridge.  The both are beautiful architectures although the figure that architected for each is very different.  Harbour Bridge is very classic suspension bridge with arch, while, ANZAC Bridge is more modern bridge stayed by wires.  TheContinue reading “Wing of ANZAC Bridge loomed out”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

His name is Bleu.  He thinks of himself a being that is the same as me. Yes it is true in a sense. He is curious, naughty, and smart.  He is my precious family member. I can not think of anything else but to introduce him into the community in line with contributing to DailyContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky”

Large and smalls – Traffic congestion over Sydney Harbour

I went down to Circular Quay this week after-work to take some photographs. Quay becomes busy toward the summer with having cruise ships to call for port. That early evening, there was one ship at Quay and was about on the departure. This time, Sydney harbour is even more congesting with traffic, but I enjoyContinue reading “Large and smalls – Traffic congestion over Sydney Harbour”

A beautiful Sunday

This morning I grabbed my camera and took a short walk with it. I first was going to get out for my routine morning walk (a fast walk) but I saw beautiful sky over the window in my bedroom, I changed my plan because I thought I should go with (and for) camera. Here areContinue reading “A beautiful Sunday”

Sydney in transition

I have been in Sydney over ten years and I like this city.  However, I found that the city and surroundings are the worst ever since I moved due to so many sites that are under  developments and construction works going on. Well, it is not fair manner to describe them ‘ugly’, because Sydney isContinue reading “Sydney in transition”

Short exploration after work

Here are some photographs I took yesterday after work. I went to Redfern to see if there was something interesting to photograph. Redfern has old warehouses, part of where are renovated and made open for market and some events. Despite yesterday was Monday, they did some events in the evening and there were more peopleContinue reading “Short exploration after work”

Sunset from yesterday

This is the sunset I managed to capture yesterday. Every sunset is different and moving, and I miss most of sunsets of the week. Every sunset brings me smile on the face and every sunset makes me cry. I will look forward what story I will see next at the end of the day.  🙂Continue reading “Sunset from yesterday”


You are my companion today. It’s raining outside and I am sick and stay in the bed. You are my companion today. Thank you Jakaranda for coming another week full bloomed. You are my companion today. What shall we talk about by the window? Thank you for stopping by.