A piece of work of the day 34 ~ Dragon The Guardian Deity

I drew this dragon for someone who was born in the year of dragon and turned the birthday in June. I found that there are several interpretations about this mythological creature, and I actually interpret it a guardian or spirit. I hope year 2020 must bring lights and smiles at him despite that it’s beenContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 34 ~ Dragon The Guardian Deity”


A lone dragon stays aloft

…or this guy is on duty patrolling the coastline, perhaps.. This photo is not great because the angle that I caught him stayed at the edge of the cliff,  also caught the rock platform in straight line, and it made the his presence assimilated in background.  Oh well, I could not help it as thereContinue reading “A lone dragon stays aloft”

What is your name?

On my walking up to and around Barrenjoey Lighthouse, I bumped into this little cute guy. This is another type to Water Dragons I see near beaches nearby Sydney (i.e. Bondi beach, Manly beach etc). On the day, I did not have a telephoto lens with me so I had to get closer to itContinue reading “What is your name?”