Looking over..

The Strand Arcade from top floor.  I took a opportunity to hang around for photography.  The window display post  I had done yesterday was found in here. I often become indecisive to which photograph I post and the below is one of them. So I post the both and please let me know which oneContinue reading “Looking over..”

A piece of work of the day 21

Here is the latest work came out yesterday. I drew this for my very important friend along with birthday. My works also can be seen on Instagram with account macquie_art and it will be grateful if you take a second to peek in.  🙂 Thank you for stopping by.

My first New Zealand 2 : Chasing Trams in Christchurch

My stay in Christchurch was only two days, but trams circulating the city saved me to cut the travel time inside the city. Tram operations aimed for tourism and Tram operator acted as a guide and explained about Christchurch as driving the carriage. The classic looking old yet pretty carriage that used a lot ofContinue reading “My first New Zealand 2 : Chasing Trams in Christchurch”