My first New Zealand 3: Christchurch

So here are a little more photographs I took at Christchurch while hopping on and off the trams.  I understood that they have been taking years long restoration process coming through since 2011 quake.  Some area were rebuilt while some area were in progress, or left as empty lots, which looked like as if timeContinue reading “My first New Zealand 3: Christchurch”


My first New Zealand 2 : Chasing Trams in Christchurch

My stay in Christchurch was only two days, but trams circulating the city saved me to cut the travel time inside the city. Tram operations aimed for tourism and Tram operator acted as a guide and explained about Christchurch as driving the carriage. The classic looking old yet pretty carriage that used a lot ofContinue reading “My first New Zealand 2 : Chasing Trams in Christchurch”

My first New Zealand 1 : Akaroa

Now I am back home from fantastic New Zealand.  12 days were too short to cover South Island but I believe our itinerary was planned very well.  🙂 Anyway, I took a lot of photos and am excited at posting some of them in here. We arrived at Christchurch at night and went to AkaroaContinue reading “My first New Zealand 1 : Akaroa”

Hands of hope

I took some photographs of graffitis / murals in Christchurch, and this was one of them. This was my first visit to Christchurch but even I found that the level of damage of the quake it hit them in 2011 was left in city in in every aspect, and one of which was that thereContinue reading “Hands of hope”

Touched down on NZ

I am writing this in Christchurch. I finally made it to be in NZ! It’s already past midnight and I am a little tired but I am awaken as thrilled. This holiday was planned to happen months earlier but postponed to now due to some reasons. This photo was taken over Tasman Sea. It wasContinue reading “Touched down on NZ”