A piece of work of the day 34 ~ Dragon The Guardian Deity

I drew this dragon for someone who was born in the year of dragon and turned the birthday in June. I found that there are several interpretations about this mythological creature, and I actually interpret it a guardian or spirit. I hope year 2020 must bring lights and smiles at him despite that it’s beenContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 34 ~ Dragon The Guardian Deity”

A piece of work of the day 25

I have drawn Jacarandas with pastels for my friend’s birthday. It should be looking like a bit plain work for the occasion. It will be the last birthday for her to celebrate it in Sydney, under full bloom of Jacarandas, so I hope she will like this.   She will be a resident of Northern HemisphereContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 25”

Happy 13th Birthday Bleu

Note: I would have pressed Publish button but I just found I didn’t, so this subject is half day old… Mummy is proud that you got over eczema, which you suffered from food allergy for long time.  Stay healthy and stay wild.  🙂 Let’s live well! Thank you for stopping by.

Good Friday picnic at Cremorne Reserve

I recently wrote a post about Cremorne Reserve as my favourite place. I went there on Good Friday to join a picnic to celebrate friend’s big year birthday. It was really nice day.  Sydney got summer back on all weekend.  The picnic size were just right for six adults and one girl, and one sixContinue reading “Good Friday picnic at Cremorne Reserve”

A tale of whale and silhouettes of dolphins

There are two whale watching seasons coming to Sydney siders every year.  I had boarded on a boat for whale watching, or I grasped binoculars to catch them from high-points nearby ocean, but never managed. I finally made it seeing a group of them cruising at Byron Bay in an early morning.  We were atContinue reading “A tale of whale and silhouettes of dolphins”

A lone seagull on the rock – 一羽のカモメと背景

These photos were taken at Byron Bay when I went for my birthday trip.  It was really short trip but I had really great time entirely. Anyway, I like these photos because of the slight yet continuous background changes happened behind the lone seagull on the solid rock.  I also like form of a seriesContinue reading “A lone seagull on the rock – 一羽のカモメと背景”