The office building of Chicago Tribune

Another throwback from my drawer, now it’s back in 2012. This was photographed when I visited my old friend living in a suburb of Chicago last time.  I have made visit her three times in total and I did remember how I was impressed about a lot of skyscrapers in central Chicago.  I thought ofContinue reading “The office building of Chicago Tribune”

Some architectural photographs from Tokyo

Here are a little more photos I have taken during my multiple visits to Japan I made this year.  The below were all taken in Tokyo, mainly at Shinjuku. Like the one I mentioned in my earlier blog, some modern architectures look beautiful and some don’t and I took negative reaction to some of those buildingsContinue reading “Some architectural photographs from Tokyo”

The presence of modernism

I went to Japan four times this year for various reasons and in ranging from 4 days to 15 days per stay.  First visit of the year was pure holiday and caught up with my family and friends there.  Second and third stay were for some stuff to do which I did not expect inContinue reading “The presence of modernism”

Wing of ANZAC Bridge loomed out

Sydney has two iconic bridges connecting CBD with suburbs.  One is famous Harbour Bridge and the other is ANZAC Bridge.  The both are beautiful architectures although the figure that architected for each is very different.  Harbour Bridge is very classic suspension bridge with arch, while, ANZAC Bridge is more modern bridge stayed by wires.  TheContinue reading “Wing of ANZAC Bridge loomed out”

Sydney in transition

I have been in Sydney over ten years and I like this city.  However, I found that the city and surroundings are the worst ever since I moved due to so many sites that are under  developments and construction works going on. Well, it is not fair manner to describe them ‘ugly’, because Sydney isContinue reading “Sydney in transition”

Short exploration after work

Here are some photographs I took yesterday after work. I went to Redfern to see if there was something interesting to photograph. Redfern has old warehouses, part of where are renovated and made open for market and some events. Despite yesterday was Monday, they did some events in the evening and there were more peopleContinue reading “Short exploration after work”

Weekend snapshots 2

Here are another batch of photographs I took on a weekend.  This day, it was beautiful and delightful weather outside.  A large cruise ship parked at Overseas Passenger Terminal and many tourists and locals were enjoying under the bright sunlight.  People in the Rocks market were relaxed and in much of joy while strolling amongContinue reading “Weekend snapshots 2”

Double Rainbow over Sydney city – 帰宅時のシドニーに虹現る🌈

Double rainbow appeared in city just after a short sun shower that fell off at evening commute time. Such a delightful surprise is more than welcome to happen everyday!! Anyway, thank you for stopping by. 夕方の通勤時間に虹が!こんな嬉しいサプライズならいつでも大歓迎。帰宅を急ぐ人も観光客風の人もみんな足を止めて写真を撮っていました。 ブログに立ち寄って下さり、ありがとうございました。

The World Of Quadrangle – 四辺形の世界

先日シティを歩いていての一枚。建築の知識などまったくないのですが、私はビルなどの建築物が好きで、何てことのないように見える建物からも何か切り取りたくなります。オリジナルの色味が好きでしたが、加工してモノクロにしたらこれはこれで良い。 このブログが目に留まった方、どちらが好きかコメントくださると嬉しいです。 🙂 This one I took in City the other day. I have zero knowledge about architecture, but I like watching buildings and structures hence I happen to stop from walking all of sudden at the street (or at wherever..) and attempt to photograph a part or whole, in order to clip something uniqueContinue reading “The World Of Quadrangle – 四辺形の世界”