A piece of work of the day 10

I have had a second workshop of the year last night. Wow, my creative side is getting more active at the time of 2017 is coming to end!  I found this great as it is being a good warm-up for making my 2018 art projects run with fair start.  next year. I feel that IContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 10”

A piece of work of the day 9

A snapshot of my pastel drawing work I was done yesterday.  The image came to back of my head last week when I smelled at a custom blend essential oil for aroma therapy. The oil called ‘Ho’oponopono’. Ancient Hawaiian exercises the practice of forgiveness / reconciliation. The scent was certainly brought me a relaxed andContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 9”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky

His name is Bleu.  He thinks of himself a being that is the same as me. Yes it is true in a sense. He is curious, naughty, and smart.  He is my precious family member. I can not think of anything else but to introduce him into the community in line with contributing to DailyContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky”

A piece of work of the day 8

Another pastel work with festive touch was drawn on a blank card for friends of a couple. I drew ornaments again which I had done last time in blue with background.  Basically it is same as last time except background colour as I chose pink to make the tone warmer. For a complete one, pleaseContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 8”

Large and smalls – Traffic congestion over Sydney Harbour

I went down to Circular Quay this week after-work to take some photographs. Quay becomes busy toward the summer with having cruise ships to call for port. That early evening, there was one ship at Quay and was about on the departure. This time, Sydney harbour is even more congesting with traffic, but I enjoyContinue reading “Large and smalls – Traffic congestion over Sydney Harbour”

The moon popped up in the air (but not hung on)

Unfortunately this was not taken this month for super moon, but was done several months ago. At that time, I did not carry my tripod with me.  I did not have release either so I set my camera on the low height quay wall and pressed shutter as stopping myself from breathing like frozen meat.Continue reading “The moon popped up in the air (but not hung on)”

An Over-gesturing tree

Here are photos of a tree in a local park at neighbor.  I like this tree as it looks somewhat humorous as looking like a human.  When I pass by in the park, I give my greet to this guy. Yes, I very often personify greens and creatures, particularly to trees.  😉 Thank you forContinue reading “An Over-gesturing tree”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Serene

Sunlight at sunrise (and sunset) is making the scene dramatic. It was a cold morning when I took this photograph, but I was enraptured by the serenity at the spot and was hard to move out. I hope this photo will share the vibration with you. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

A black swan on the pond

This was taken at Centennial Parklands sometime ago in the afternoon.  While strolling in the vast space of the park, which was big enough for me to explore for a short time only before I went to next place, I ran into number of birds such as ducks, Australian white ibis, and black swans andContinue reading “A black swan on the pond”

A piece of work of the day 7 – First workshop of 2017

Despite I am a qualified pastel art practitioner to open a class / workshop, I did not really make an opportunity for it this year (I have a lot of excuses why I was apart, but I will write about it another time). So I really had a fun, good time yesterday with an attendeeContinue reading “A piece of work of the day 7 – First workshop of 2017”