Singing in the winter lights

They were all photographed at Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.

Here we are still in winter, and at the day, the morning breeze was still cold.

However, sunlight was bright and sky was clearer and bluer.  Flowers I trained lenses were rustling lightly, as if they were humming or singing in the sunshine.

They didn’t stay still but bounced all the time along with breeze came through.
We are not snowballs but we are flower balls.
Soon spring is coming again, we know that..

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Big circle in Darling Harbour

Another shot out of the same night photography at Darling Harbour, Sydney.

This was one of many photos I took of ferris wheels.  The front side of the wheels (the shot caught its back) lit up with colours and it was reflected on the hotel window.  I took many because I would have caught the both of the actual wheels and the reflected one, but never worked out with my skill and position where I was at, so I changed my view to go bit far which turned out as below.

And this is my contribution to this week’s Monochrome Madness hosted by Leanne Cole .

Monochrome Madness is the community space she opens for other photographers and audiences who love monochrome / black and white photos. Here gives me a great opportunity and challenges about monochrome images.  As it is open community, everyone can participate.

A little more about Leanne’s recent project work she started this year.. she opened a membership community page in Facebook .  In the page, Leanne provides workshops about various subjects about photography (i.g. photo processing, introducing artists etc).  Leanne also runs tutorial sessions regularly to her members with about works via video communication tool.  In there, Leanne and the members exchange ideas, views, and suggestions to each of all photos the participant submit for the session.  I have took the one for myself recently and it was really helpful.  For those who are interested in the community, please check about the community from the link above, or contact her from her blog.The big circle at Darling Harbour


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Lunar eclipse and Blood (full) Moon in July

I finally made it witnessing the astro-show in the early Saturday morning of the full moon weekend.

As far as I remembered, this was not the first lunar eclipse this year.  The first one was held in January in the midnight in Sydney (or Australia) time, but at that night, weather was not favored to us Sydney-siders, that the thick clouds rolled in in the afternoon and it was not cleared off even at midnight after all.  I remember of myself so disappointed at how it turned out, that Sydney was the only city in Australia where missed the eclipse at  that night.

This time, again, I was hence worried if I missed it again, because the forecast first said that Sydney / NSW coastline was not clear at night to next day.  🙂

On Saturday, I woke up at 4:30am, which was already in the middle of the eclipse on the phase, but I slept again until 5am (hahaha).  My initial plan was to go and meet the buddy at Observatory Hill, but eventually we went to a local park where the impact by the light pollution was not that bad.

One more point as to why July full moon was special, this time the Moon and Mars had rose and appeared together and seen very closely as each other.  By the time they moved to the west before the dawn, and the distance of them each other was wider, but still the both was making good companions for the night.  My weekend was just good enough by opening with photographing the special full moon and also enjoyed beautiful beams when she came back on the evening sky on the following evening.

Addition on 31/07/2018:  I made this post my belated participation to  RDP#57: MOON

When I reached for the park, the eclipse came to the end of partial eclipse phase and the light light of the Moon was disappeared at the bottom.


Still a bit annoyed with urban lights, but still appreciated to see Mars on left above the Moon.
This is full moon on the following evening.

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A form of completed jigsaw puzzle in CBD

This take-and-go shot was made in Sydney CBD when I was walking there at lunch.  I thought it was quite beautiful that reflected architectures fit well in the surface of the building frame on this angle.

I like this building to check what’s displayed on or how the displays look like at the time (because they look differently by the conditions) and I enjoy to take photos of other buildings / architectures displayed by the reflection.  Due to its design of the building, when one of those small squares which are office windows is open to outward, the whole reflected picture is made looking like a incomplete jigsaw puzzle that mismatches one piece (or the number of pieces as the number of windows are open).

Well, as for today, looks like all pieces matches.

This is my first contribution to RAGTAG DAILY PROMPT.  RDP # 54: Reflection


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Resting 2

I put this title with ‘2’ because I referred to my earlier post last week.

And yes, this was photographed same morning and the both were ‘resting’ on the ‘shed’ together.

Monochrome Madness hosted by Leanne Cole .

Monochrome Madness is the community space she opens for other photographers and audiences who love monochrome / black and white photos. Here gives me a great opportunity and challenges about monochrome images. As it is open community, everyone can participate.


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Out of my recent night photography

I don’t know why, but I can not kick my bum to get up early for morning photography.

Here Sydney is in the middle of winter season, it is perfect to do sunrise photography as it comes up rather late, right?

I don’t know why, but I can not take extra half hour for evening photography after work or weekends.

Here Sydney is in the middle of winter season, so it is perfect to do sunset photography as it sets down rather early, right?

Am I facing motivation issue?


Am I getting old and tired?

Well perhaps…..

So I tried to hitch myself up for it no matter what, and I did some night photography at Darling Harbour, Sydney, after work.

It was good choice because I do not like Darling Harbour and I hence do not head over usually, which means, I rarely took shots of it and there are plenty of challenges to take or try things.

A little confession here, that eventually I took three consecutive nights in a row to photograph at the same spots at Darling Harbour.

Why, because I was shocked at the quality of those I had photographed on my first evening, then I went back on the next evening.  The shots on second night were slightly better than first night, but still some were not good.

The third time’s the charm.  The photos taken at third night was somehow satisfiable.  Same time, I was feeling comfortable at myself having some focused time with photography.  And, I found myself that I have never had motivation issue (but I still don’t know what made me sluggish then).

Anyway, please let me share some of them out of the struggled three nights in shooting.  🙂


Retired monorail station and Centre Point in background.
Busy traffic for commute
Busy traffic ahead of monorail station


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