Hello beautiful souls,

The other day, my friend who lives in Manly, one of the popular beach towns in Sydney, showed me her iPhone shot of a whale in the sea that she captured from a hill. 

It’s currently whale season, and they are moving northbound.

 I was thrilled, so I grabbed my old camera and headed to Manly Beach the following afternoon.

That day, the sea was quite wild, with big swells rolling into the seashore, resulting in the beach being closed.

Therefore, I moved away from the beach to a lookout point where I could oversee the ocean.

The lookout point was bustling with a crowd of people. I noticed that many of them had come to watch surfers taking on the rough waves at a point far from the beach.

The large waves continued to crash down, and the group of surfers skilfully caught and rode the wild swells.

Although I missed seeing the whales, I was stunned and enjoyed the afternoon capturing photos of the amazing nature and the surfers who fearlessly confronted and rode the roaring swells.

On my way back to the beachside, I caught sight of a quarter rainbow that appeared behind me. It completed my afternoon with this magical view.

Thank you for stopping by.🌈🙏


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