Some sources say, researches suggest that Awe moment makes your life better. 

It may make you happier and healthier.

They say that an awesome experience may improve your mood or lift your spirit, and that may lead to you being satisfied with your life.  

Or awe may make you happy to be connected with people, community, or the world around you.  

You may feel small and humble by the awe-inspiring experience… and they may have more good reasons. 

The moment of making you awe or wow may always be there right next to you, but in our busy and stressful life, we may set ourselves far from the environment making you wow, and we may easily slip off from the spirit of the awe moment. 

However, even if you haven’t had a wow moment recently, let’s make the time to recall your awe experience in a relaxed state and express it on paper. 

What you express your Wow moment on the paper will stay with you and may help you to re-experience it and encourage your spirit.  

3/15 (Wed) 19:00 AEDT (75 min) via Zoom.

Please message me if you have any questions from here.

Why don’t you join one weeknight to experience your WOW and reflect it with your creativity? 🙂

Thank you for stopping by. 🌈


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