Hello beautiful souls!

Sydney iconic fleets departed and returning to Circular Quay.

These classic ferries still hold my fascination which never got stale since I moved to Sydney.

And I still do love seeing ships and boats departing and arriving at Circular Quay wharf, regardless small or large.

And I took a number of photos of them over years leaving and arriving in early morning or in the evening.

From this particular angle though, the view just represented me as my busy mind where the many thoughts, small voices, ideas pop up and some (or many) of them disappear.

Some caught up with voice memos, some logged in scrabbles, but many slipped off from my head and hands, and went somewhere.

We are traveling across the realm of mind, or, our mind travels across our layer of consciousness.

Yesterday I hosted an online Art Therapy Group Work and created a Mandala representing their multiple aspects.

How do you feel, experience, and express yourself in your various aspects?

And how are they reflected in a circle / wheel?

That was an interesting journey to explore and see yourself inward.


Upcoming February Online Expressive Art Workshop 🌈
(Start: 7pm – 8:15pm AEDT)

15th: ‘Road Trip’
28th: ‘Embody Yourself in Colours & Lines’

It will be great to if this program helps nurturing you. 

*Please don’t hesitate to contact me for one-on-one or semi-private sessions.🙂
✉️: mytherapy@makikoyano.com
📞: 0403 422 432.
FB: @okikamtherapy
Instagram: @okikam_makikoyano


Thank you for stopping by.🌈 🙏


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