My First Face-To-Face Art Workshop Finished!

Hello beautiful souls!

Time flies and the first month of 2023 was gone yesterday!

Last Saturday I opened an on-site Art Workshop as my first face-to-face group work after Covid.

One participant couldn’t come in due to a family emergency and we had a small group of two who met each other for the first time.

The theme of the day was Feminine / Femininity.

I was thrilled when I chose this theme.

Everyone (no matter what gender you are) has both feminine side and masculine side, however, our busy and stressful modern life often makes it difficult to balance in using the both aspects and we even miss enjoying our feminine side of us.

I took this exercise myself before and found how I was unintentionally pushing down my feminine side especially when I had to manage some cluttering minds with many things at hand.

In the process during the exercise, I felt as if my femininity was crying as I set her aside and didn’t pay attention. And I released some tension as I became aware.

Back to the topic of last Saturday’s workshop, the participants unpacked and explored themselves inward to some extent and they shared their reflective drawings and sensations they experienced during the exercise.

Reflective arts the participants made are the process to liberate themselves in subconscious layer. And they meet themselves through their artworks.

It is the moment I am thankful for letting me witness of them going on their journey and inner process.

No matter how good are you for the art skills and what was drawn with the skills, but what matters is that your art making initiate your inner-self to emerge and meet yourself through the reflective art work that you represent.

It is precious time and the highlight of the session.

On reviewing the workshop as the facilitator, I did my best but I certainly do know that there are the areas of improvement I have to do better next time. And those of my ‘wishes’ that I couldn’t have done better will become my motivation for the next session. 

February Online Expressive Art Workshop 🌈
(Start: 7pm – 8:15pm AEDT)

8th: ‘Create Your Mandala’
15th: ‘Road Trip’
28th: ‘Embody Yourself in Colours & Lines’

It will be great to if this program helps nurturing you. 

*Please don’t hesitate to contact me for private or semi-private sessions.🙂
📞: 0403 422 432.
FB: @okikamtherapy
Instagram: @okikam_makikoyano


Thank you for stopping by.🌈 


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