My first monologue in 2023

Hello beautiful souls,

It was ages ago when I left my last note in the WordPress blog.

I am where I am and the path I walked through to here since 2020 was a full of adventure with a number of processes I worked for. 

The processes to work with myself to explore, unpack, unfold, sometimes even rip, and face up with the pains that I had but left unattained or even unnoticed for a long time in my life.

In the processes, there were lots of rediscovering about myself and there were lots of learnings I had throughout the period.

I was surprised at myself as to what I was terrified of in my life, many of which were covered by layers of my other aspects and it wasn’t exposed..

Actually, many of what I was intimidated by were not necessary to be, but in the middle of the dramas, I couldn’t drive and take control of my worldview out of the way. 

And because I was frightened to let go of what I had in my world/life, I firmly gripped (in my mind) to get hold of them rather than to release them getting out of my way.  It was very hard to accept the changes.  However, you will find out that there is a new stage / phase / light (whatever it is called) awaiting after that.

Sometimes, life is hard to surf / ride.  Sometimes the life events may leave you scarce that will take time to have scab or heal. 

I’m only a little Transpersonal Art Therapist and run small group workshops and private sessions, and I am grateful if my hand reaches someone necessary to work with.

Thank you for stopping by.


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3 thoughts on “My first monologue in 2023

  1. It’s a long time since I saw you, Makiko. It sounds as though the last couple of years have been difficult for you. Hopefully this year will be better.


  2. Hi Jane, thank you so much for leaving your warm comment on here! I’m so much glad to be back again. 🙂 Yes my life was changed like, I was being landed on where I hadn’t imagined in this two years turmoil, but I am still good and healthy. It’s time to start again. 🙂


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