Happy new year to my WP friends and visitors.  The world is still under the chaos, but still, I hope you had a fair and good time in the ’20/’21 festive season, as your wished manner. 

2020 was unusual year for most of people.  Yes, 2020 was very special year to me, not only by the virus and all the subsequent impacts it brought to us globally, but also by a lot of changes and things happened in my life, which I did not imagine a year ago the point where I am standing now.  It was like, I forgot about a lot of alarms I had set to bell sometime in my life story, and they started buzzing one after another.

I feel there is no more forgotten alarm to buzz, and feel it is time to be back on the network little by little.  

My 2021 resolution is to push my boundary away.  






2021 bring it on!

Captured this sky art this morning at dawn

Thank you for stopping by. 



3 responses to “The first post of 2021”

  1. Reflections of an Untidy Mind Avatar

    All the best for 2021, Makiko.


    1. macquie Avatar

      Happy new year Tracy, and thank you for your warm message. Is everything alright at you end?


      1. Reflections of an Untidy Mind Avatar

        Yes, good here, Makiko. 🙂


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