I’ve got constipation ~ 便秘でした ~

…on my outward expression. IMG_2864

Sorry, it’s not my intent to explain here about my guts state in biological perspectives.

I would have ‘roared’, ah no, written about the fact that my recent nearly zero activity on my creativity side and output them.

Yes, I have certainly busy this year.  My head is filled with lots of thoughts, plans, emotions, feelings, and so on.

I have got number of great experiences this year, and I would have shared them with you in here (or other least channels I have) but it never have happened.

Well, I can say I am lazy and that could be a reason but that could be not.

So many things, so much thing came and gone passed through me in body, head, and mind.  I certainly admit a change taking place in my body (generally they are good changes, like some improvement seen in my chronic derma issues and so on).

And now, my hope is to resume my small creative side starting again.

I hope I will be back on track a bit. 🙂





Thank you for stopping by.




6 thoughts on “I’ve got constipation ~ 便秘でした ~

  1. Living life is not a bad thing and the blog should never be a burden.

    I would say the blog should never cause anxiety or give someone cause to feel bad. Life happens and if one is so inclined one can choose to share it . . . or not. Besides, you cannot force creativity; it will come at its own pace.


    1. Thank you Emilio. Certainly the blog connected me to you and to other bloggers, which is a big gift that i had not expected as such. I will also look forward how I can come back on my creativity 🙂


  2. I know how you feel, Makiko. I’ve been feeling the same way myself and yesterday was my first post in weeks. I hope your creative juices run again before too long.


    1. Thank you Jane for sharing how we both have been! I don’t know if this winter season does to us, but, spring season is approaching, hence i hope our passion will be resumed from long winter sleep. 🙂


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