A lone dragon stays aloft

…or this guy is on duty patrolling the coastline, perhaps..


This photo is not great because the angle that I caught him stayed at the edge of the cliff,  also caught the rock platform in straight line, and it made the his presence assimilated in background.  Oh well, I could not help it as there was a fence laid between us and I concluded that I could not train my lens in better position than this.

Also, often my daydreaming head get a mini story in the head, when I catch non-human lives with my eye-balls.  Earlier the day before I caught this dragon, I saw the three seagulls at the local beach, and I instantly came up the idea to put them the role as Lifeguard ( please also in here ).   They were charmers driving me nuts developing trifle short stories in the head (and I certainly love doing that ;-)).

Version 2

[Edit: 28/10/2018]

Thank you for WordPress friends for sharing your views to the photo of the dragon!

I took back to the image and gave it try a bit more edit, which turned to this.

I am happy with this in hue, contrast, and composition.  🙂


Anyway, thank you for stopping by.


12 thoughts on “A lone dragon stays aloft

  1. If I may be so bold as to suggest . . . you could play with the contrast, brightness, exposure, and a few other things to get more differentiation between the dragon and the background. Also, cropping closer might help.

    I took the liberty of playing with it for a minute. Of course, it’s from a small original (screen capture) so I’m limited to what I could do.

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      1. Thank you for your suggestion Emilio! I appreciate your those tips, which always makes my eyes and views wider and more open to my compositions 🙂 Actually I had not caught my image like that, and it is interesting!


    1. Aw thank you Emilio for spending your time for better edit! 🙂 I had thought I did some edit but you are right, I found i could do more! You made this image more beautiful actually succeeding in contrasting and adding brightness! 🙂


      1. I usually hesitate to make suggestions because they reflect my likes and tastes, so I’m glad you didn’t mind them. And, I noticed you posted a nice update of the original.

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  2. We have a bearded dragon in our garden ( he frightened the life out of me the other day) but he seems to be quite different in colour from your fellow.

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