Mumbles at the end of September

At having last day of September, I decided to taking a second to look back.

There were a couple of things that’s made my habits and life changed.

I have got new people who came into my zone.  I have got number of things that occupied some big part in my head and I had to manage some of things.

Meanwhile, blog post that I had been done regularly was getting out of my routine, the frequency of posting in here this month happened rarely.

That new people came in means, some people who had been with, were gone off from my zone, no matter what circumstances drove it.

I didn’t do enough photography, nor, drawing either, this month.

And I finally started drawing on the last day of September.

I have started because a very good friend of mine who lets me build bonding with has decided to leave Australia.

The below photo was taken today.  As of now, I wouldn’t even know about what would this card be completed with.

Tomorrow is another day.  Thank you September!


Thank you for stopping by.


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