I snapped the head part of Hornby’s Lighthouse at South Head, Sydney, when I took a walk around Watson’s Bay and Camp Cove with the guest I had from Chicago.  I did not bring my DSLR but my old iPhone6 still did a fair work.

It was nice, clear day.  I think the photo caught well about how sparkle the lighthouse body was in white and red stripe with in bright blue background.

IMG_0762 (1)

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6 responses to “The world of Tricolor”

  1. disperser Avatar

    . . . add a few stars and you’d have yourself a flag . . .

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    1. macquie Avatar

      hahaha, good idea but I couldn’t be dare to ruin the lighthouse for other visitors. 😉


    2. disperser Avatar

      I meant to the blue . . .

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      1. macquie Avatar

        Ah i didnt think about it..! Actually this colors in photo are that quality to do, right? 🙂

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    1. macquie Avatar

      Thank you Tracy! This photo reminded me that I like Tricolor a lot actually. 🙂

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