Big circle in Darling Harbour

Another shot out of the same night photography at Darling Harbour, Sydney.

This was one of many photos I took of ferris wheels.  The front side of the wheels (the shot caught its back) lit up with colours and it was reflected on the hotel window.  I took many because I would have caught the both of the actual wheels and the reflected one, but never worked out with my skill and position where I was at, so I changed my view to go bit far which turned out as below.

And this is my contribution to this week’s Monochrome Madness hosted by Leanne Cole .

Monochrome Madness is the community space she opens for other photographers and audiences who love monochrome / black and white photos. Here gives me a great opportunity and challenges about monochrome images.  As it is open community, everyone can participate.

A little more about Leanne’s recent project work she started this year.. she opened a membership community page in Facebook .  In the page, Leanne provides workshops about various subjects about photography (i.g. photo processing, introducing artists etc).  Leanne also runs tutorial sessions regularly to her members with about works via video communication tool.  In there, Leanne and the members exchange ideas, views, and suggestions to each of all photos the participant submit for the session.  I have took the one for myself recently and it was really helpful.  For those who are interested in the community, please check about the community from the link above, or contact her from her blog.The big circle at Darling Harbour


Thank you for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “Big circle in Darling Harbour

    1. Please make it happen before you die Emilio (sorry, i was just joking) 🙂 Sydney must be 10 times better in seeing by yourself than photos (but appreciate you enjoy my photos)! 🙂


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