I had a little crazy week mainly at work.  There were several system bugs reported this week, which my boss was away on business trip to Europe.  Well anyway, I worked a bit longer and harder with colleagues and made things all all good by Friday evening, by issuing patch release.  Next week is another week.  🙂

The below photo was caught one lunch time this week.  From Monday I did not get out of the office for lunch or break, but this day I decided to move my bums to get some good sunlight.  I grabbed my camera and took a walk with it during the break time.

It was beautiful winter afternoon that sky was bluer and sunlight was brighter.  People  in the photo however were all busy with their business or the world which they commit with smartphone. 🙂

I took this photo at Sydney Townhall.  I thought I did composition fair in this photo.


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