Vidid Sydney 2018 opened up this year celebrating their 10th anniversary.

I am not that big fan of Vivid simply due to the festival, which runs a little too long (three weeks?) and which hence makes me feel at them a kind of light pollution (sorry for those who love and look forward Vivid every winter).  However, if some nights were on the period where the moon became full circle, it gave me a perfect motivation to night out into glowed and crowded Sydney.  Two nights later, I set tripod at a spot where lets me take Sydney iconic architectures in straight look.  This spot was off-the-vivid area, but it was enough for me to feel festive vibe from a bit afar.

I do not know if I take more occasions for photographing Vivid this winter, I would like to share some of photos I took on the two nights…

Headed to Circular Quay by ferry.  Photographing on the ferry is always hard….
The moon always disappeared when I trained my camera at her. 
The clouds finally went aside to show me the moon.
Bruce Point Reserve makes me possible to see the bridge and Opera House in straight line.  

Thank you for stopping by.


7 responses to “The moon and Vivid Sydney 2018”

  1. Himanshi Avatar

    Wow! Loved the pictures! 😍

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    1. macquie Avatar

      Thank you Himanshi 😊

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    1. macquie Avatar

      Thank you Tracy! 😊

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  2. disperser Avatar

    Very nice captures.

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    1. macquie Avatar

      Thank you Emilio.


  3. A medi-dog on the ferry – macquie Avatar

    […] I ran into a dog wearing a red vest printed ‘medidog’ aboard on the ferry when I headed to the spot I photographed these. […]

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