What do you like doing for relaxation?

It was the question for myself when it came up as a monthly theme of Monochrome Madness by Leanne Cole.

Here is my submission.

I have some favourite kinds of relaxation and touching nature or somewhat is absolutely one of them. Putting myself at under trees (and fresh greens if it’s the season) relaxes me as well as that I watch the ocean and listen to the sound of waves at a beach, or watching the moon and stars at night.

Monochrome Madness is the community she hosts for other photographers and audiences who love monochrome / black and white photos.  Here gives me a great opportunity and challenges about monochrome images.  As it is open community, everyone can participate.

Thank you for stopping by.


2 responses to “Relaxation”

  1. janesmudgeegarden Avatar

    Add a good book under those trees and I’m happy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. macquie Avatar

      Agree to you Jane! It must be the perfect for the relaxation! 🙂


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