Urban sunset.

I want to see sun rise/set at somewhere open space, but that is made possible mostly  when you ‘plan’ to do, a kind of.  Or you will have to satisfy yourself to view them in a limited sky or space framed by buildings and architectures.  You may be blocked by something moving objects.

These were photographed at Harbour Bridge, Sydney.

Busy traffic with many cars, busy public transports carry massive amount of passengers packed in their carriage.  On the side, another number of cyclists crossing each other on the cycle path along with main road on the bridge.   On the other side of the path, another group of health conscious people running / jogging / walking as having earphones put on their ears.

All was busy in that afternoon likewise, but behind all that scenes, the sun was making the subtle but gorgeous set-in show for closing the day.

Good bye for today and I will look forward seeing you again in tomorrow morning.


Thank you for stopping by.


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