My first New Zealand 6: Landing on glacier

This was the highlight to do on Fox Glacier; to trek on glacier.

It was spectacular view which was beyond my expectation.  Nature always stops me from intaking of breath (regardless where I am/was), yes I was made speechless.

Anyway, it will be great if you enjoyed some photos here…

We joined a tour that took us to the local heliport to ride on a helicopter.
We waited for our turn to ride on.


We took off.

DSC_0520 (1)

DSC_0524 (1)
It was ten to fifteen minutes ride to the spot.
As soon as we got off the helicopter, earlier tour groups that were waiting for, got in to go back on the ground world.
Our guide.  he held an axe for which he checked ice condition.  He then determined the path to trek.  We strictly had to follow the path ‘as’ he walked.
DSC_0544 (1)
Narrow cave or a gap.  Ice blue was so impressive.

DSC_0546 (1)

DSC_0549 (1)
Water is just beneath the ice.  Some had some depth.
DSC_0553 (1)
Screaming ice (or yawning?)
DSC_0569 (1)
We were not allowed to go to the fall closer than this spot.
DSC_0571 (1)
This looks something but I can not say what…
DSC_0578 (1)
The fall was slamming abundant water which used to be ice on higher point.




Heavy clouds casted away and made snow mountain appeared.


Along with the clouds clearing, landscape surrounded our trekking point revealed their beautiful appearance.
It must be just me, but I was just fascinated at them.
Now joined another queue to get in the chopper for return.  We had to keep our heads down to prevent from hails blown by propeller blades.


DSC_0709 (1)
That was my best to try capturing lower world from my position in the helicopter.

Thank you for stopping by.


4 thoughts on “My first New Zealand 6: Landing on glacier

    1. Thank you for the comment, Jane. 🙂 I am sorry not for being able to get there a due to the weather condition. I heard that it was so much rain as well only a few days before we arrived. I am so glad if these photos have shared what is up there.

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