So here are a little more photographs I took at Christchurch while hopping on and off the trams.  I understood that they have been taking years long restoration process coming through since 2011 quake.  Some area were rebuilt while some area were in progress, or left as empty lots, which looked like as if time was stopped on the spot.

What impressed me though was that there were number of murals / street arts presented in Christchurch next to those spaces or gaps.  It’s like the city was like art gallery.  It looked like as if the arts took the mission thats for filling those empty spaces and gaps by those unique art works, which it could have made people despair if there were’t at all.

Some spots were heartbreaking to see for me, but at the same time, I felt people’s energy and pride via those stuff.

It was devastating to see Christchurch Cathedral.
Cathedral on the front. It was impressive to see doves perched on the iron frame.


There are many murals / street arts


Botanic Gardens


Version 2
Beautiful huge pine tree.
Avon River streaming through Botanic Gardens.  It was busy creek with tourists and ‘locals’.
A local, or duck on the hunting
Cardbox Cathedral.  When I visited, church choirs were on the practice before next Mass.
More arts


I felt energy of people in Christchurch by these murals.

Thank you for stopping by.



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