My first New Zealand 1 : Akaroa

Now I am back home from fantastic New Zealand.  12 days were too short to cover South Island but I believe our itinerary was planned very well.  🙂

Anyway, I took a lot of photos and am excited at posting some of them in here.

We arrived at Christchurch at night and went to Akaroa next day.

Akaroa was colonized by France and England.  The small town remained a lot of flavor of France which you could see in outlook of shops,  fire station and so on.

The weather was far to ideal for sightseeing, but while taking a cruise boat for inner harbour, lights were back.   Anyway, it will be great if you enjoy!

Old carriages and tracks at abolished Little River station, which we made a short stop on our way to Akaroa.
DSC_9794 (1)
Town of Akaroa and inlet afar
Pier under the cloud.

DSC_9812 (1)

DSC_9800 (2)
Memorial for the founder of Akaroa
The local butcher.  Tricolors outlook represented the taste of France.
Cruise ship anchored off the pier.  Passengers take into small boats to get on the ground.
There were number of seals nested on the lower cliffs, but it was hard to capture them from the boat and with my photo skills…
Lights were back.
The pier under sunlight brought me different impression.

Thank you for stopping by.


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