A cruise ship on departure

I am not particularly a fan of cruise ship or ferry to photograph, but I have to admit that I capture them in my photography regularly.

Yeah, I admit that I simply get thrilled at watching those machines, especially to those which are in motion.

Mmm..but I am not excited at watching buses in motion..

Anyway, here are photographs of a large cruise ship on departure, when the ferry I boarded just left Circular Quay Wharf.

Again I was thrilled at the ship.  I was thrilled simply because I do not often see those large one in motion nearby.

The middle photo below, I wished I could took it somewhat better but my lens reached to the limit as wide as it could, in addition to my composition skills.  😉

Still, I enjoyed witnessing the traffics happening at Circular Quay and Sydney Harbour like I always do.  Every time you watch something a unique scene in the traffic that brought me some kind of joy to watch, but I can’t find it similar when I witness traffic on the road ( I mean, mostly at busy streets rather).

The cruise passing under Sydney Harbour Bridge led by tugboat.
I wished to get both of Opera House and Cruise ship in framed but part of the ship was cropped out..!
Passengers gathered on the rear deck of the boat, which they could see Harbour Bridge on their front.

Thank you for stopping by.


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