Large and smalls – Traffic congestion over Sydney Harbour

I went down to Circular Quay this week after-work to take some photographs.

Quay becomes busy toward the summer with having cruise ships to call for port.

That early evening, there was one ship at Quay and was about on the departure.

This time, Sydney harbour is even more congesting with traffic, but I enjoy watching them because cruise ship makes an obvious contrast with all the rest at the Quay and harbour in size.

I enjoyed photographing them with giving a bit of melancholic eyes to her (I mean, the cruise ship) for the immediate farewell (even though she returns regularly and you will see her soon!).  Yeah, generally I am not good at facing the scene of farewell sending off people and/or transports thats gone off (and I don’t know why).

Anyway, I hope those photos will share with you about the mood as to how time goes by differently between the cruise ship and the local ferries and boats. 🙂


Thank you for stopping by.


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