I have been in Sydney over ten years and I like this city.  However, I found that the city and surroundings are the worst ever since I moved due to so many sites that are under  developments and construction works going on.

Well, it is not fair manner to describe them ‘ugly’, because Sydney is now in transition stage for a better transport and public services to be available, and hence you will see  construction works taking place almost everywhere, looming out of cranes chang the views.  Sydney CBD and surroundings will be having more rail lines and stations to carry more people efficiently.

Anyway, here are two photos below.  The top photo was taken sometime early this year.  I enjoyed photographing light trails made by trains when they passed, with nice Sydney city view on background.

Recently I went back to the same spot for the first time in a while as I wanted to try once again, then alas, I realized that there is one stalky crane featured just at the center of the frame (shown by the photo at the bottom) I wanted to set.

I gave a couple of shots to see if it ends something interesting, but, I found of myself being bored and I quickly wrapped up the photo time at the spot.  😉   When I will come back to the spot sometime later, the view will be made another change.  I hope I would like the new view I will see next time. 🙂 IMG_7803DSC_0830

Thank you for stopping by.


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