Here are photographs I took when I did a good amount of walk at Flat Rock Creek the other afternoon.

North Bridge is a gate in Sydney North Shore from lower to upper.  When I cross the bridge on occasion, a light thrills swells me up largely because of pairs of the beautiful classic pylons.

Flat Rock Creek was streaming underneath the bridge and walk pass leads along with.  It is a nice small nature reserves locating near to residential area.

I wanted to take photographs and I wanted to take photographs of bridges, but that of iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge or ANZAC Bridge.  I then spontaneously grabbed my camera and dashed in there, it was a good choice.

I really had a great time.  It was really great afternoon.

And I hope these photos will share the vibes with you.  🙂

North Bridge at the front
Beneath North Bridge
Small creek made beautiful reflection on the water
Another beautiful refection on the water.
Looking up the bridge
Collaborative art by Bougainvillea and dottys
Little cuties but i dont know their name..

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